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Are you looking for Alinea Menu Prices & Calories? If yes, then you are in the right place. Welcome to the Latest Menu Prices, Here at Latest Menu Prices, we update the Fresh and Latest Alinea Menu with Prices. Here we will provide you with all the details related to Alinea . Please have a look at Alinea Menu Prices:


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Alinea Menu Prices



💵Alinea Menu Prices 💵

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🍽 Alinea Menu 🍽

Here we update Alinea Menu, Please have a look:


Alinea Menu




The Kitchen Table (Per Person) Price Starts At $390.00
The Gallery Menu (Per Person) Price Starts At $290.00
The Salon Menu (Per Person) Price Starts At $190.00

Some of The Meal Selections

Ebi Banana Coconut
Shio Kombu Nori
Scallop Corn Butter
Tomato Watermelon Parmesan
Icefish Daisy Mandarin Radish
Pork Belly Curry Banana
Morel Blueberry Lapsang Souchong
Apple Yuzu Lemon Verbena
Onion Purple Allium Black Pepper
White Asparagus Lychee Lily Bulb
Palo Santo Pineapple Mezcal
Cheeks Chamomile Melon
Black Truffle Gruyere Pumpernickel
Mango Almond Cinnamon
Wagyu Rice Myoga
Fennel Lemon
Dark Chocolate Strawberry
Cherry White Chocolate Bourbon

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