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Welcome to my Website, “Latest Menu Prices.” This is Stella Adeline, the CEO of Latest Menu Prices from Chicago, Illinois. I can introduce myself to the world as a travel vlogger, a blogger, and an author. My responsibilities always succeed in between my passion for travel and hoteling. I am 28 years old ambitious, food and fun-loving woman. I visit different places with my family. I started blogging to document my professional and personal experiences in informal, witty, and honest blog posts. I saw many lovely places and hotels across the globe to pursue my career as a travel blogger and vlogger. I am the owner and CEO of many projects, and “Latest Menu Prices” is one of them.


Stella CEO



Personal Life

It is my pleasure to be the mother of a beautiful daughter. I was blessed with a baby girl when I was in a relationship. My daughter was an angel to me who has given me new hope to live and survive. After that, I got married to Andres, My husband (Andres) adopted my daughter with an open heart, and now we all live together. However, it has added to my love for having fun and living a beautiful life with my family.



My vision is to show the beauty of nature and tastes to people across the globe, especially those who cannot travel. I want to make a platform where everyone can get the exact prices of their favorite food.


Explore new tastes from eating hangouts and expose beautiful places to the world. I aim to make my website “Latest Menu Prices” a part of life for every foodie person. They can use my website to know which restaurant or hotel offers the best menu with affordable prices and also want to make “Latest Menu Prices” like a brand where every foodie person can get the exact price of their favorite food.