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Black Angus Menu Prices



💵 Black Angus Menu Prices 💵

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🍽 Black Angus Menu 🍽

Here we update Black Angus Menu, Please have a look:


Black Angus Menu


  • Big West Salads
  • Create Your Own Combo
  • Steakhouse Tacos
  • Angus Burgers & Sandwiches
  • Lunchtime Favorites
  • Desserts
  • Kids
  • Steakhouse Starters
  • Salads
  • Burger And Sandwiches
  • Shareable Steakhouse Classics
  • Steak & Seafood – Prime Rib
  • Steak & Seafood – Filet Mignon
  • Steak & Seafood – Top Sirloin
  • From The Sea
  • Fire-Grilled Steaks



Big West Salads

Steakhouse Cobb $11.50
Grilled Vegetable $10.50
Grilled Vegetable $12.50
Steakhouse Cobb $12.50
Grilled Vegetable $11.50
Fire-Grilled Chicken Caesar $9.99

Create Your Own Combo

Chicken, Avocado & Bacon Sandwich $9.99
Roasted French Dip Sandwich $9.99

Steakhouse Tacos

Fajita Steak $9.99
Shrimp & Avocado $9.99
Chicken & Avocado $9.99

Angus Burgers & Sandwiches

Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger $11.50
Grilled Prime Rib $12.99
New York Steak $12.50
Chicken, Avocado & Bacon $10.99
Buttermilk Fried Chicken $9.99
California Burger $12.99
Filet Mignon $12.99
Roasted Sirloin French Dip $10.99
Three Cheese Garlic Bread Steak $11.99

Lunchtime Favorites

Flame-Grilled Top Sirloin Steak $12.99
Fire-Grilled Chicken Breast $11.59
Grilled Salmon $12.99
Sesame-Teriyaki Sliced Top Sirloin $12.99
Beer Battered Fish & Chips $12.99
Three Cheese Garlic Bread Trio $8.99


New York Cheesecake $6.25
4-Chocolate Flourless Torte $6.50
Chocolate Chip Cowboy Cookie $5.99
Big Mountain Chocolate Fudge Cake $6.50
Sky-High Mud Pie $5.99
White Chocolate Bread Pudding $6.50


Mac & Cheese $5.99
Chicken Strips $5.99
Grilled Chicken Breast $5.99
Grilled Cheese $5.99
Sliced Top Sirloin Steak $7.49

Steakhouse Starters

Three Cheese Garlic Bread $6.50
Chicken Tenders $9.50
Fire-Grilled Fresh Artichoke $9.99
Steak Quesadilla $8.99
Wagon Wheel Sampler Platter $13.99
Loaded Potato Skins $9.50
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail $10.99
Crispy Fried Garlic-Pepper Zucchini $7.99
Teriyaki Steak Lettuce Wraps $8.99
Wagon Wheel Sampler Platter $13.99


Steakhouse Cobb (filet mignon) $15.99
Grilled Vegetable (Vegetable) $12.99
Grilled Vegetable (Grilled Prawns) $12.99
Steakhouse Cobb (Chicken) $14.99
Grilled Vegetable $13.99

Burger And Sandwiches

Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger $13.50
Filet Mignon Sandwich $15.99
Chicken, Avocado & Bacon Sandwich $13.50

Shareable Steakhouse Classics

Haystack Onion Strings $4.95
Sautéed Mushrooms $5.95
Grilled Asparagus $6.95

Steak & Seafood – Prime Rib

Grilled Prawns $25.99
Lobster Tail Large $35.99
Fried Shrimp $24.99

Steak & Seafood – Filet Mignon

Grilled Prawns $28.99
Large Lobster Tail $38.99
Fried Shrimp $27.99

Steak & Seafood – Top Sirloin

Grilled Prawns $25.99
Large Lobster Tail $35.99
Fried Shrimp $24.99

From The Sea

Large Lobster Tail $30.99
Grilled King Salmon $21.99
Fire-Grilled Prawns $19.99
Crispy Shrimp $18.99

Fire-Grilled Steaks

BBQ Chicken & Ribs $22.99
Sesame-Teriyaki Chicken Breast $18.99
Smothered Grilled Pork Chops $18.99
Fire-Grilled Chicken $17.99

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